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 Bán và cho thuê máy soi L3 Ls231 của L3 communication có sẵn 2 máy tại Hà Nội


Identification of suspicious objects

Verifying the declaration

Identification of smuggling

Theft prevention

Checking for compliance with local requirements


ISO 9001, CE, EUR1

Radiation safety: US (21CFR 020.40 1)

Security for photosensitive materials: ISO 1600 / 33DIN

Performance Specifications Compliant with the Federal Administration US air transport "Using X-ray systems" (Federal Standard 14 CFR 1 08.17 and 14 CFR 129.26

Characteristics of the image

Characteristics of the image

Contrast Adjustment

Material distinction on the 3rd characteristics

Pseudo-color image

2X - 16X - 64X magnification

Edge detection

Modes of penetration of high / low

Negative Image

Separation of organic / inorganic

Technology Transparent ColorTM

High resolution image. The best resolution in its class.

Standard Features

Uninterruptible power supply and surge protector

Patented operator interface including a touch panel operator, allowing the operator to look only on the screen where the icons are displayed control

The operator interface is easily customizable

Monitor 17 "

External table with monitor

Additional optional characteristics

Monitor 22 "

Input / output conveyors 1m

Introduction of dangerous objects (TIP)

Assistant operator (OA)

Picture Archiving (IA)

External uninterruptible power supply

Color Printer

General characteristics

Overall dimensions

1600 (L) h1659 (H) h1194 (W) mm

The length of the conveyor with


The size of the tunnel

1000 (W) X800 (H) mm

Conveyor height


Power Requirements

~ 100-240 + 10% at 50/60 Hz ± 1% (max. 1,0KVA)

Conveyor speed

0.23 m / c at 60 Hz

Lifting capacity of the conveyor

136 kg

X-ray source


160 kV constant potential

Light mode



oil bath

Orientation beam

vertically upwards

X-ray signal receiver

1536 photodiodes block T-shaped configuration

Physical characteristics

Net weight

ok.1 136 kg


ok.1 397 kg


welded steel frame

Climatic conditions

Operating range

0 ° C - + 40 ° C

Storage temperature

-20 ° C - + 50 ° C


95% non-condensing

Noise level

<70 dBA

Image formation and characteristics of the PX-231


copper wire 36AWG -guaranteed, copper wire 40AWG - typically

Penetrating power

27mm steel - guaranteed

Gradation characteristics

not less than 4,096 grayscale tones to step wedge

Video display

Resolution 1280h124 / 24-bit ergonomic 17 "SVGA display high-resolution, flicker-free

Computer processor

Intel Pentium

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