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Máy soi hàng hóa L3 - Mỹ

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Chi tiết:

     Kiểu (Model): PX6.4.               

    Seri: PX641161.

Hãng nước sản xuất:  L-3 Communications, Mỹ.

The PX 6.4 is a screening solution for air cargo, critical infrastructure and mass transit checkpoints, border crossings and break bulk screening.

Designed to screen small and medium-sized objects such as infant/child safety seats, parcels and packages, mail bins, carry-on luggage and other hand-carried items such as briefcases and backpacks, the durable PX 6.4 provides a combination of detection, high throughput and flexibility.

The system also features a user-friendly touchpad operator interface with heads-up display allowing operators to screen items. Transparent Color™ imaging with operator assist detection (OA) capabilities helps facilitate the detection of threats including weapons, narcotics, explosives and other contraband.

An optional high-powered X-ray solution offers a high level of penetration and resolution. The high level of penetration allows the operator to see through denser items, easing analysis of different commodities. Higher spatial resolution provides the ability to detect difficult items such as fine wires and electronic circuitry. The high-powered X-ray solution allows operators to clear images faster and reduce the number of goods requiring secondary searches.

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