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Mô tả ngắn:Máy soi XRC 100-100 dành cho trạm kiểm soát giao thông đông đúc, giao thông thành phố (tàu điện ngầm, phà, ga xe lửa), cửa khẩu hải quan, nhà tù và kho chuyển phát nhanh như các công ty hậu cần quốc tế, điểm chấp nhận hàng hóa, v.v.trạm kiểm soát giao thông đông đúc, giao thông thành phố (tàu điện ngầm, phà, ga xe lửa), cửa khẩu hải quan, nhà tù và kho chuyển phát nhanh như các công ty hậu cần quốc tế, điểm chấp nhận hàng hóa, v.v.

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XRC 100-100


This x-ray baggage scanner facilitates the operators use thanks to the various image processing functions, hazard alarm, advanced computer technology and the best in class software. It provides exceptional ease in detecting threats such as cutting tools, explosives narcotics and minimizes the error rate. XRC 100-100 offers unique image quality by showing the scanned organic, inorganic and mixed items in different colors thanks to its multi-diode structure and quality in imaging of scanned objects which is designed with the latest technology system to scan medium and large bags and packages.


Institutions ensure that packages are inspected in places where inspection is required, such as high traffic checkpoints, city transportation (metro, ferry, train stations), customs border crossings, prisons, and courier depots like international logistics companies, goods acceptance points and etc.




Tunnel Size                              : 1000 mm x 1000 mm

(W x H)                                     : 39,37 in x 39,37 in

Dimensions                              : 3550 mm x 1930 mm x 1410 mm

(L x H x W)                                : 139,76 in x 75,98 in x 55,51 in

Approx. Weight Unpacked         : ~1165 kg (2568 lbs.)

Conveyor Height                       : 790 mm (31,10 in)

Conveyor Load Capacity            : 200 kg (441 lbs.) Evenly Distributed

System Power                          : 110/220V AC ± 10% 50/60 Hz, 5amp max.

Conveyor Speed                       : 0,20 m/sec. Forward or Reverse



Steel Penetration 1                    : 37 mm guaranteed; 39 mm typical

Wire Resolution 1                      : 38 AWG guaranteed; 40 AWG typical

Anode Voltage                         : 180kV, operating at 160kV

Tube Current                            : 1,0 mA

Beam Direction                        : Vertically upward

Article Separation                    : Low Z, Medium Z, High Z to 0,5 Z Accuracy

Cooling                                    : Oil and forced air cooling



Processor                 : Intel® Core™ i5 (or superior)

Monitor                   : 21,5” Flat (or superior)

Memory                   : 4 GB RAM (or superior)

Video Card               : 2 GB (or superior)

Hard Drive               : 1 TB (or superior)

USB Port                  : 6 port (or superior)

Operating System     : Linux



Storage / Operating Temperature  : -20°C to 50°C / 0°C to 40°C

(-4°F to 122°F / 32°F to 104°F)

Relative Humidity                        : 10% to 90% non-condensing




All X-Ray Center Ltd products meet all applicable international health and safety regulations.

US FDA Federal Standard 21CFR 1020.40

Health and Safety at Work Act 1974-compliant 6 : Available

Film Safety                               : ISO 1600 / 33 DIN

CE Compliance                         : Certified

FCC & IEC Compatibility             : Available

IP 20 Safety                              : Certified

Maximum level of radiation the exterior panels come in contact with is 0.1 mR/hour



Barcode Reader System

External Camera Archiving

Remote Viewing Station

Recheck Station

Network Supervisory System (NSS)

Remote Access Connection

Smart Card Login



External UPS (For system)

Operator Console (Open-Closed/Adjustable/I-stand)

21,5‘’- 27’’ Flat Monitor

Input / Output Rollers

Test Kit (STP/ASTM)

Protective Cover

Search Table

Tray Return System (Motorized/Gravity)

Inclined Conveyor

Ultrasonic Rat Repellent

Radiation Meter

1As tested on X-Ray Center Ltd. test piece. Conveyor speed is 0.20 m/sec.

Products certified as TSA, ECAC and so on are available as an option. Please inquire from your dealer.

Due to continuous product development, X-Ray Center reserves the right to change specifications without notice.


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