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Cung cấp Máy soi hãng Astrophysics Mỹ

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Chi tiết:



  • Powerful 320kV Generator
  • 80 mm Steel Penetration
  • 6 Color Material Discrimination
  • High-Contrast Image Analysis
  • Real-Time Diagnostics

The XIS-1517 320kV™ is an X-Ray Inspection System (XIS) with exceptional steel penetration. Able to image dense cargo pallets with exceptional clarity, the XIS-1517 320kV™ allows operators to inspect ISO standard pallets with speed, accuracy, and precision. To accelerate the throughput of heavy cargo, its heavy roller bed is only 35.6 cm (14”) above the floor, convenient for loading and unloading freight.
The XIS-1517 320kV™ is equipped with an incredible range of imaging tools that allow operators to enhance images as they are generated. Rich material discrimination and high-contrast object analysis ensures operators are able to confidently identify threats. Its superior imaging ability makes the XIS-1517 320kV an ideal solution for cargo centers that require high throughput and airtight security.

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